About Us

Our Story

We are an independent family owned heritage diamond jewelry business house based out of Dubai for decades. Our business has flourished for generations because of our non-negotiable integrity, alongside always thoughtfully filing the market gaps in every decade. We understand the need of this digital era, where much is achieved in the comfort of your home, without the inconvenience of having to wander into malls and souks. We have built a varied range of excellent products which uniquely after to your individual style and budget. Be rest assured we want a life long relationship with you, thus expect us to only deliver the best every single time. All our jewelry is certified and authenticated.

Design and Craftsmanship

We fulfill every aspect of design and craftsmanship in our Dubai based manufacturing company. Our team of happy workers vigilantly craft supreme designs to deliver the best to you, every single time.

Quality Control

Each piece of jewellery you buy is personally hand checked by our expert team of Diamond Connoisseurs. All our jewellery is made in18 Karat gold. Additionally, great care is taken over checking waxes and polishing, ensuing flawless products for you. Prongs and stone cases are strictly scrutinized for correctness of shape and presence of irregularities. Accuracy of soldering and its finishing is also closely examined before starting the second polishing stage. Confirmation of perfect setting, symmetry, cleanliness and diamond stamp is processed. The masterful in-house assorting team assorts all diamonds placed in the jewelry after a double verification process. Next, the assorting department selects the diamonds as per the size required by the specific design. Once the size is selected and fixed on the gold mould, then the final polishing is done.